We provide quality service & support..

SS SERVICE NETWORK introduce ourselves as an organization that is willing to be a part of the company which is result-oriented, solid through various plans, having proper systems, we would like to become a member of a chain that plans, implements, controls and optimizes the effective two way flow and storage of a good services and information between the point of origins and the point of consumption.


Skilled Labor

We company has skilled labor and armed security guards and supervisors as highly skilled workers. There is no category of skilled in security guard but soon they will be called skilled workers in the country.


Unskilled Labor

For security agency, there is a separate minimum wage notification under the scheduled employment category and skilled and unskilled. Unskilled labor refers to workers who possess no particular skills.

Computer Operators

We are having Field officers who have experience in Security guards. Our company has a skilled security guard and they can operate the computer especially skilled with today's latest technology.


Security Staff

  • Our company has security team leaders and managers that are office-based.
  • Spend a lot of their time around the site.
  • They make sure everything is safe and secure and talking to staff.
  • There are no set entry requirements for security officers.


  • Promotes teamwork.
  • Sets a positive example.
  • Takes an active interest in the success of others.
  • Delivers new ideas to our companies, customers and industries.
  • Employers expect security staff to have some experience of security or customer service.
  • Mainly dealing with challenging situations.

    Customer Support Representatives

  • Surprises Visits.
  • Inspection and Audit.
  • Executive Field Supervisors.
  • Maintaining checklists for specific work and locations.